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Welcome to our community we are located 35 min south of Tucson in Green Valley, Az. Desert Meadows offers a lovely quiet neighborhood that is made up of 197 beautiful homes. Our current elevation is 2900 ft which offers a breath taking scenery of gorgeous cacti and sorrounding mountains.

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May 05, 2020

Meeting Minutes May 5

Desert Meadows 1 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Modified due to closure of GV Rec Centers

May 5, 2020


President:  David Palmer                                                                       Secretary:  Judi Flannery

Vice President:  Frederic Lange                                                  Treasurer:  Jim Dougherty

Director:  Mary Thomas                                                                         Director:  Mary Tufto

Director:  Marilyn Hedges                                                                      Director:  Nate Wright

Director:  Eric Blomskog


This meeting is being conducted using only email between DM1 Board Members.  Replies to the Agenda have been sent to 


I.          Meeting called to order.

II.         Roll Call:  The following members have acknowledged Present for roll call in their email responses:

            Dave Palmer, Mary Tufto; Mary Thomas; Judi Flannery; Marilyn Hedges; Jim Dougherty; Eric       Blomskog  The following member was absent due to no email response; Nate Wright.

III.        Secretary’s Report – Judi Flannery

            A.         By email responses 8 members voted to accept the April 2020 Board of Directors Meeting

                        Minutes.  No email response from 1 member.

IV.        Treasurer’s Report – Jim Dougherty

            A.         Opening balance - $14,207.53;  Dues & Transfer Fees - $1,500.00; Debits - $305.69; Closing

                        Balance - $15,354.84.

            B.         By email response 8 members voted to accept the April 2020 Financial Report.  No email

                        response from 1 member.

V.         Vice President’s Report – Frederic Lange; No Report.

VI.        Committee Reports

            A.         Architectural Committee:  No Report

            B.         Maintenance Committee:  No Report

            C.         Welcoming Committee:  No Report.

VII.       President’s Report – Dave Palmer

            A.         DM1 roads are almost completed.  Only minor things remain to be finished.

                        a.         A report in the Green Valley News shows that DM1 is fortunate to have our roads

                                    repaired as the County is running short of funds for road repair since there is a lack of

                                    taxes coming in due to the Corona Virus situation.

            B.         Homes in DM1 continue to be sold quickly, one home on La Espina sold in 3 days for full asking


            C.         Desert Meadows Park seems to be working out with the Social Distancing matter.

            D.         This May 5, 2020 meeting will be the last regularly scheduled BOD meeting until September

                        2020.  If Board Members leave town for a period of time, please advise the DM1 President of

                        expected date of return.

            E.         There is no known member of DM1 with the Corona Virus.  Let us all hope that continues.

            F.         DM1 President will send a letter to the road repairs Company thanking them for a great job.

                        Another letter will be sent to the Pima County Board of Supervisors in thanks for their support

                        in repairing our roads.

            G.         Thank you goes out to Marilyn Hedges for sending out the DM1 President’s email to our HOA

                        Members advising them about our new roads.  Marilyn received a number of good comments

                        thanking us for the information.

VIII.      Old Business – None

IX.        New Business:

            A.         The DM1 Board of Directors at this meeting voted unanimously to remove Nathanial Wright,                  Director, from the current Board of Directors due to absence from more than five (5)                                               consecutive Board of Directors Meetings.


Meeting is adjourned.  The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors Meeting will be held on September 1, 2020 at 9:30 AM at Abrego South Recreation Center.

Apr 07, 2020

April 7 BOD Meeting

Desert Meadows 1 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Modified due to closure of GV Rec Centers April 7, 2020

President: David Palmer

Secretary: Judi Flannery

Vice President: Frederic Lange

Treasurer: Jim Dougherty

Director: Mary Thomas

Director: Mary Tufto

Director: Marilyn Hedges

Director: Nate Wright

Director: Eric Blomskog

This meeting is being conducted using only email between DM1 Board Members. Replies to the Agenda have been sent to

I. Meeting called to order.

II. Roll Call: The following members have acknowledged Present for roll call in their email responses: Dave Palmer; Mary Tufto; Mary Thomas; Judi Flannery; Marilyn Hedges; Jim Dougherty. The following members were absent due to no email response: Eric Blomskog, Nate Wright.

III. Secretary’s Report – Judi Flannery A. By email response 7 members voted to accept the March 2020 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes. No email response from 2 members.

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Jim Dougherty

   A. Opening Balance - $13,761.41; Dues $425.00; Debits $135.68; Closing Balance $14,609.73 Petty Cash $23.95

   B. By email response 7 members voted to accept the March 2020 Financial Report. No email response from 2 members.

V. Vice President’s Report – Frederic Lange; No Report

VI. Committee Reports:

   A. Architectural Committee: No Report

   B. Maintenance Committee: Green slips have been issued to members who have issues with weeds and palm trees.

VII. President’s Report:

   A. Road Repair: Progress is being made on ADA crossings on street corners. Road repairs and paving will begin soon.

   B. Roster Updates: Mark Thompson is doing an excellent job on updating the DM1 roster.

   C. Neighbor helping Neighbor. If you know of anyone who could use an assist of some type, try to help them or let someone know about their situation. Check on your neighbors if you have not seen them for a while. Keep your distance.

   D. DM1 Park:

        a. The park is beautiful now with all the flowers in bloom. It is a showcase! That being said: Green Valley Gardeners removed all chairs, benches and cushions due to lack of distancing by people visiting the park.

        b. GV Gardeners made a board decision to prohibit anyone other than those who have garden plots from being in the park. They posted signs indicating the park was closed but the Anza trail was open and the access to the trail was open as well which means passing through portions of the park.

        c. DM1 BOD President, Dave Palmer, was alerted by a memo from Mark Thompson that the entire park was closed. DM1 BOD President sent numerous emails to Chuck Parsons, former BOD President of DM Park, about the lack of consultation with DM1 Board of Directors. These emails were sent on to the current President of Green Valley Gardeners Board of Directors.

        d. DM1 BOD President was concerned that our members were being denied access to the park, which we own. It was felt that DM1 members and other visitors should be allowed to use the park and not be held captive in their homes due to this Corona Virus situation. DM1 has a contract with GV Gardeners to manage the park, but DM1 did not give up the right to have input into what was going to happen there.

        e. Fresh air, beautiful flowers in bloom, exercise and dog walking while keeping social distancing is good for the soul and is healthy. It is a mental aspect with these tragic times that DM1 BOD President insisted would be denied to our 197 members who are most affected by the park closure. GV Gardeners Board Members who made these decisions to close the park mostly do not even live in DM1 HOA.

        f. After a telephone conversation with the President of GV Gardeners BOD, it was agreed to remove all closed signs from the park and once again allow DM1 and other visitors to walk through the park. It was agreed that what was being asked was reasonable and the request was approved.

        g. DM1 BOD President suggested that GV Gardeners put up signs asking people to follow the pathways and to practice social distancing.

VIII. Old Business: None

IX. New Business: None

Meeting is adjourned. The next Modified meeting will be conducted by email on May 5, 2020. Board Members should submit any replies to the April 7, 2020 minutes to and will be forwarded to the Secretary to be incorporated into the minutes to be voted on at the May 5, 2020 BOD meeting.

Mar 04, 2020

Meeting Minutes

Desert Meadows 1 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2020  9:30AM  Abrego South Rec



President:  David Palmer                                                                                                                       Secretary:  Judi Flannery

Vice President:  Frederic Lange                                                                                                  Treasurer:  Jim Dougherty

Director:  Mary Thomas                                                                                                                         Director:  Mary Tufto

Director:           Marilyn Hedges                                                                                                             Director:  Nate Wright

Director:  Eric Blomskog


I.          Meeting called to order

II.         Roll Call:  Present:  Dave Palmer; Frederic Lange; Mary Tufto; Mary Thomas; Judi Flannery; Marilyn

            Hedges; Eric Blomskog.   Absent:  Jim Dougherty (excused);  Absent, Nate Wright.  Quorum present.

III.        Secretary’s Report – Judi Flannery

            A.         Motion made and seconded to accept the February 5, 2020 BOD Meeting Minutes.  Motion

                        passed with all in favor.

IV.        Treasurer’s Report – Mary Tufto presented in Jim Dougherty’s absence.

            A.         February 2020 Financial Report was presented.  Motion was made and seconded to accept

                        the February 2020 Financial Report.  Motion passed with all in favor.

V.         Vice President’s Report – Frederic Lange – None.

VI.        Members’ Forum.

A.         Mark Thompson updated the median project.  Green Valley Gardeners are still waiting for

                        permits approvals.

            B.         Chuck Parsons presented median artwork designs to DM1 HOA for approval.  Dave Palmer,

                        with Board Members agreement, signed off on approval for the metal sculptures.

            C.         Curbs are being cut in preparation for handicap access.  Members can look at Fairways

                        Neighborhood for example of what will be done.

            D.         Members are reminded that when paving work begins, vehicles must be off the street or will

                        be towed.  Information will be included in the next Newsletter.

VII.       Committee Reports

            A.         Architectural Committee – Dave Palmer

                        a.         One request to add a garage door to 132 La Grocella.

            B.         Maintenance Report – Marilyn Hedges and Frederic Lange

                        a.         Spraying on some parts of alleyways on East side of Abrego.  Members should give

                                    attention to the back alleys for clearance.

                                    1.  Question to explain spraying:  Jose Gonzales has been contracted to spray the middle

                                          alleyways.  Maintenance Chair can give Members his phone number.

            C.         Welcoming Committee – None

            D.         GVC – meeting addressed roads in Tucson.  Work being done at I19 and I10 at present.

VIII.      President’s Report – Dave Palmer

            A.         Green Valley Gardeners will be installing a 25’ metal artwork and tall metal ocotillo in the

                        median at Abrego and Continental.

            B.         Road repairs are starting with handicap access curbs, asphalt repair and sewer covers raised.

                        a.  Question regarding access curbs at La Pera alley to DM Park.   The curb workers should be

                              asked for information.

            C.         Board of Directors meetings will return to Tuesdays on April 7, 2020.

            D.         The Newsletter will be going out by email and by regular mail.  The Board agreed to place

                        information on the Green Valley Gardeners April event in the Newsletter.

            E.         Phone Books will soon be available for distribution and Volunteers are needed.  Extra copies

                        will go to Carol Thompson for the Welcoming Committee for new Home Buyers.

IX.        Old Business

            A.         Green Valley Gardeners has a list of plants needed for the medians.  Information will be in the

                        next Newsletter.

X.         New Business

            A.         Emails have been received with Dave Palmer’s name that appear to be SPAM.  Do not respond.

                        A notice will be included in the next Newsletter.   Suggested that our Web Master, Tai, place a

                        notice on DM1’s website.         

            B.         Mary Thomas will look into DM1 Board of Directors Name Tags.  It would be helpful for

                        identification when visiting Members’ homes.

            C.         Board members will provide a separate email address from their personal one for DM1



Motion was made and accepted to adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed with all in favor.  The next regular DM1 Board of Directors Meeting will be on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 9:30AM at Abrego South Rec Center. 

Jan 15, 2020

Annual Meeting Agenda

Desert Meadows 1 Annual Meeting Agenda

 January 15th, 2020 9:00 AM

 Abrego South

I. Annual Meeting of Desert Meadows 1 POA is called to order.

II. Results of DM1 election to Board of Directors-Mary Thomas

A. Introduction of New Board of Directors members

III. Roll Call – Secretary Judi Flannery

IV. Introduction of Guest Speakers- President Dave Palmer

A. Debra Kabinier on topic of Genealogy

B. Mark Thompson on topic of Green Valley Gardeners proposal on

Medians along Abrego South.

V. Treasurers Report-Mary Tufto

A. Financial Report

B. Annual Audit

C. Proposed Budget for 2020

a. Vote to approve the 2020 Budget for DM1-All Members may vote

at this time.

D. Total Homes sold in 2019 in DM1

VI. Presidents Report- Dave Palmer

A. Welcome to Members attending todays Annual DM1 meeting

B. DM1 Board of Directors at January 8, 2020 approved the Officers

and Directors for 2020.

a. Vice President-Frederic Lange Treasurer- Jim Dougherty

b. Director- Eric Blomskog Secretary-Judi Flannery

c. Director- Nate Wright Director- Marilyn Hedges

d. Director-Mary Thomas President- Dave Palmer

e. Director-Mary Tufto

C. DM1 Roster Updates?

a. It is the responsibility of all DM1 members to inform the Board of

Directors when changes are made to their Telephone numbers or

to their Email addresses? We also need a correct ALTERNATIVE

address if there is one?

b. It is very difficult to send out ballots and dues notices when the

board has incorrect information. If there is a problem with your

Residence, the board cannot reach you without correct


D. Rental Properties

a. All owners who have Rental Properties in DM1 must fill out a

Rental form and submit it to DM1 Board of Directors. This form

can be obtained on DM1 website or from DM1 Board members.

E. Garbage Cans on curbs

a. Members should refrain from putting their GARBAGE CANS out on

the curb for pickup at Night. Recycling cans are okay! The

Javelinas are knocking over the cans and leaving trash all over the

Curbs and streets. Most trash hauling companies do not come

into DM1 until Mid Morning or later.

F. Desert Meadows 1 PARK

a. Do you know that 10 percent of Garden plots are reserved for

DM1 members? If DM1 members do not use them, they may be

given to outsiders who belong to the Green Valley Gardeners club.

b. DM1 Park just turned 6 years old or soon will be. It is now listed as

A Nationally recognized Arboretum.

G. Roads in DM1

a. Pima County has a 5 & 10 year plan to fix our roads? Due to

reduced costs of bonding issue, the approved a plan to have 50

Million dollars available in 5 years to repair roads. DM1 roads are

on the Priority list, but currently they are working on Fairways

roads. Are we Next????

VII. Committee Reports

A. Architectural committee

B. Maintenance committee

a. Board of Directors voted on January 8th, 2020 to hire Jose

Gonzales to spray and remove as needed, weeds in Center of

DM1 alleys. He will maintain all alleys, on a trial basis for 12

months. He will Not be responsible for weeds on DM1 members

properties that adjoin the alley ways.

b. It is Important that all DM1 members have someone to take care

of their properties while they are away or gone for the summer.

c. One problem that the Maintenance committee will be addressing

this year is the condition of Members properties, as to rotted

fascia boards and siding on garages and sheds. It is the Members

responsibility to see that these issues are taken care of.

d. DM1 members are responsible for keeping their trees and bushes

trimmed so they do not extend into the alleys and over onto the

next door neighbors properties.

VIII. MEMBERS FORUM-Any current member, in good standing, may address

the Board at this time. Please raise your hand and wait to be recognized.

IX. Any Old business

X. Any New Business

A. DM1 board of directors voted on January 8, 2020 meeting to retain

our current WEB Master Tai Ung on a one year monthly retainer. He

will be responsible for any updates to our DM1 Website.

XI. Any further business at this time?

A. Motion to adjourn the Annual meeting

The next regular DM1 Board of Directors meeting will be on FEB 5TH, 2020 Weds.

At 9:30 AM at Abrego South.

Dec 03, 2019

December Meeting Minutes

Desert Meadows 1 Board Meeting December 3, 2019 9:30AM Abrego South

President: Dave Palmer
Vice President: Mary Thomas Directors: Marilyn Hedges; Nate Wright

Secretary: Judi Flannery Treasurer: Mary Tufto

  1. Meeting called to order.

  2. Roll Call: Present: Dave Palmer; Mary Tufto; Mary Thomas; Judi Flannery; Marilyn Hedges;

    Nate Wright. Quorum present.

  3. Treasurer’s Report – Mary Tufto

    A. Mary Tufto read the November Financial Report. Motion made and seconded to receive The November 2019 Treasurer’s Report. Motion passed with all in favor.

    B. We have 4 sales pending.

  4. Secretary’s Report – Judi Flannery

    A. Motion made and seconded to accept the November 2019 Minutes. Motion passed with all in favor.

  5. Vice President’s Report – Mary Thomas
    A. The By-Laws committee have been working on changes and will bring to the Bioard at

    the February 2020 meeting. Once the Board approves changes it will be presented to

    HOA members for vote.

  6. Members Forum:

    A. No issues.
    B. Announcement made that Chuck Parsons will give a presentation on Desert Meadows

    Park at the East Center December 11 at 1:00PM.

  7. Committee Reports:

    A. Architectural Committee – Dave Palmer. Nothing to report. B. Maintenance Committee – Dave Palmer. Nothing to report. C. Welcome Committee – Carol Thompson. Nothing to report. D. Nomination Committee – Mary Thomas

    A. Ballots have been printed and are being mailed out this week. E. Green Valley Council – Dave Palmer

    A. GVC is our only representation for HOA’s to Pima County government. B. GVC may be considering raising the HOA dues in 2021.
    C. GVC offers many free services to HOA members.
    D. GVC monthly meetings are open to all to attend.

  8. President’s Report – Dave Palmer:
    A. Discussed hiring GVC member to teach DM1 Board Members to input documents into the

    B. Discussion on raising DM1 yearly dues in 2021 to offset proposed increase in GVC dues.

    Board wil discuss further.
    C. Treasurer’s laptop is old and acting up and needs replacing. Motion made to spend up to

    $1,000 to replace the laptop. Motion seconded and passed with all in favor.
    D. Board will look at hiring a new webmaster who would be more accessible than our current

    E. DM1 Board of Directors will remain for a brief discussion on future DM1 Board of Directors.

Any Members present may remain as no votes will be taken.

  1. Old Business – None

  2. New Business:
    A. DM1 Annual HOA meeting will be at 9:00AM, WEDNESDAY, January 13th, 2020 at Abrego

    South Recreation Center. Different day and time than normal.
    B. Volunteers needed to bake cookies, etc. for the meeting.
    C. Debra Kabinier will give a 15-20 talk on Genealogy at the Annual Meeting.
    D. The next Board of Directors Meeting will be held on WEDNESDAY, January 8, 2020 at

    9:30AM. Note this is a different day than normal.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn the Board of Directors Meeting. All in favor.

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